A few days ago, we talked about the importance of persistence in achieving your goals. It’s a theme that also runs throughout our Predictable University course. It’s something that Felicia, one of our alumni, was able to use first hand. She also mentions something that well, quite frankly is NEVER really talked about in the “sales” world anymore.  In a KPI / Metrics driven world, MOST (not all) managers do not focus on the personal development of their employees.

At Predictable University, we know for a fact that when people are appreciated as a human being first, and supported in their personal development goals, whatever they may be, they are simply a more happy, focused, and dedicated employee. Invest in their well-being (and no, not a ping pong table) and they’ll go the extra mile for you.

{Enter Felicia}

“I hated prospecting and sales so badly! Every time I got the “no response” response, it made me feel like crap. I knew we had something great to offer, just really hated the feeling of being “that guy” who was always harassing people to sell something. Finally, I learned to set myself up for success first on a personal level, meaning getting my emotions and psychology in place. By this I mean, really being aware of who and what I am, what my big “WHY” is, and realizing that people aren’t necessarily rejecting me.  I learned to take the time to articulate our value prop in a way that really resonates with my prospects. I focused on THEIR success every step of the way!  I built email campaigns that forced me to follow up in a variety of ways.  I don’t harass people on the phone everyday.  Instead, I connect and engage with them socially when it makes sense to do so.  All in all, I realized that sales does not suck! When I am in a good place psychologically and set myself up for success, I realize that I can actually work less hours and focus on doing my work in a very focused way.  Last, I am happy to announce that we closed a $60,000 deal which was with a client that we started prospecting in the DD25 Predictable University project. Woohoo! Persistence and focusing on constant personal development made ALL the difference for me.”

In case you missed it, we go deep on much of this in our last webinar, “How You can Create Exponential Revenue Growth On-Demand.
(watch if you haven’t, it will literally change how you think about your work! 🙂 )

We these things a lot in calls with prospective students.

  • “I’m afraid of bothering them.”
  • “I don’t want to be annoying.”
  • “If they don’t respond, they must not be interested.”

Let’s hear from Frank.

Frank sent out dozens of emails to his target customers, with virtually no responses. His current customers saw great results with his service, so he knew that once he could get the attention of the prospects that he could make a difference in their business.

But sending out emails, day after day, with no response was getting old.

Frank hated checking his inbox. Every time he opened it and saw zero new messages, he felt like a loser.

Something needed to change.

That’s where persistence comes in. Frank started developing cadences that he learned about in Predictable University. He also learned a kick ass formula for crafting emails that are actually compelling! He wasn’t afraid to “follow-up” on this follow-ups. He started calling at different times, leaving voicemails, adding touches on social and just getting creative with his outreach instead of solely relying on a couple of emails.

And something started to happen.

Frank’s inbox started filling up.

He was getting responses.

And not just “leave me alone.”

He got questions from prospects. He scheduled calls.

And he closed deals.

He looked forward to checking his inbox every day now! Because, hell! He was getting positive responses. He felt good about sending his emails every day because he knew they weren’t just going into a black hole.

“You can’t just call once or twice or send a few emails; you’ve got to think of creative ways to deliver value to your prospects every step of the way. Setting up a proper cadence and being creative in adding value has made me a 100% more effective prospector,” said Frank.

So in summary –

  • Invest in your personal development. It will pay off for you, your employer AND your customers
  • Set yourself up for success by crafting great content that resonates with your target prospects and then continues to follow up and add value every step of the way. 

Cheers to your revenue growth!

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