Predictable University Testimonials

Predicable University was the single best sales investment for our small business. The class curriculum was packed with hands on, easy to follow, and super effective tasks that generated immediate success for us: Sales meetings! Aaron and his team were absolutely amazing. When I started the class, I was a newbie to prospecting. Now, I have the tools to help my company grow. Bottom line: Take the class!!!

Mareike Joedicke
Co-Founder of goCloudOffice, Inc.
San Francisco, CA

Does this program motivate my sales team to HUSTLE?

“My follow up and persistency skills had to come in, for they were very fast paced and wanted things done then! Mapping each call made it SO much easier for me to figure out next steps, recap and get a bigger picture of what exactly was going on. Also, I looked a lot smarter, but constantly referring to what the prospect had said, she knew I was paying attention and that I cared. Being persistent, mind mapping and following up regularly used to be my biggest pain points.
Throughout this training, I learned its okay to resend and email, follow up with a call and Leave VM.

End result: >> We closed them on $60,000 Deal!!!”  ~ Felicia

What makes this sales program different? or better?

“Most success – or lack of success – is due to your environment. The exposure and collaboration to @air, @aron, @sabrina, and the guest speaker is priceless. It’s priceless because you’re getting feedback on your prospecting skills, aka how you can generate more leads for your respective business. It’s not college – it’s real life – and lead gen, prospecting, etc. are the foundation to closing deals. In my experience, the Ideal Customer Profile with customer interviews is/was a game changer. Before my thought process would have been to “sell everybody”, but now I’ve focused my energies on prospects that fit what I’m trying to accomplish – and then I triple down on those accounts.” ~ Joe

Is this program a fit for experienced sales people?

“Yes, I would recommend this course. The Predictable University course gets to the heart of the hardest part of sales, prospecting. It addresses useable ways to build a pipeline and is based on “doing It” and not theory.” ~ Charlie

Do students get real hands on access to Aaron Ross and team?

“I absolutely loved the fact that if I EVER needed to speak with either Aaron or Aron they would make time. They were extremely helpful. Changed my entire perspective on Business Development!!
I went from literally no appointments set since January 4th to now scheduling 7 different appointment for presentation!” ~ Drew

Is this program theory or actually hands on practical?

“I’ve felt successful as a new person entering the into outbound role, because the deep dive 25 forced me to come out of my comfort zone and pick up the phone. I did think when entering this role that it would be mostly email, but I’ve realized that I’ll have my hands full with follow up!” ~ Faye

Will the Predictable University program help me close big brand accounts?

“The surprising secret to landing BIG brand accounts: One of my successes i’ve had from this program was when I sent a “Best contact” referral email to a social media producer for National Geographic, and she replied 32 minutes later with the email address of National Geographic’s Vice President of social media. I count that as a success because I doubt i’ll ever get an exact reply that quickly ever again. Another success!!” ~ Kayla

Can a class on outbound prospecting actually be motivating?

“The wealth of information and energy. Part of being an SDR means being extremely organized and focused. After class, I found myself ready to kick some ass and really get after these emails, follow ups and phone calls. Hearing success stories, learning about all the tools out there available to make this happen, simply knowing there are so many people in the same boat as me, the understanding that sales can be difficult, the need for getting creative, and not giving up… all motivating to me.

this class is for anyone who has something B2B to sell I definitely would recommend it to other people. Even sales people. After explaining some of the techniques and the stats (touching people 7-12 times) they were blown away. As the book states, sales people don’t have it in them to be that patient – but even just using some of these techniques for inbound sales, event follow ups, etc. would be super beneficial to anyone.” ~ Frank

What if I am really busy, will I be able to take a 4 week course?

“I loved the flexibility in taking the class. I’m pretty busy so being able to watch the class whenever, was super convenient. It was also great that I gained confidence in my work. Before I was unsure if I was approaching people the right way, if my cadence was right, how to call people, etc.….I have been in my SDR role for quite a while but I didn’t receive any formal training. I went out on my own and read up on Predictable Revenue, From Impossible to Inevitable and The Sales Development Playbook. With taking this class on top of my previous reading, I have a lot more confidence in my work to be successful!” ~ Jordan

The class looks expensive? Is this a good investment?

“Highly recommend! At first I thought the price for the course was a little steep. If one takes the course and is engaged, they will quickly get that money back from setting appointments. Thanks so much for the great course and helping me get jump started in my current position!.” ~ Alexis

Is this a fit for small businesses?

“Mhhh… let me think. Are you kidding me? Of COURSE! I can’t believe that you (Aaron,Aron, Sabrina) can take a person (me) who has never, ever done anything sales related, and provide easy to follow steps on how to get started and generate success. And I don’t mean success in terms of appointments. Success to me is being able to get started, create the ICP, research for a list, send a referral email, pick up the phone.Getting appointments is great though. :)” ~ MJ

Will I see any progress while in the program? real results?

“I created 5 new opportunities created so far, led SDR team in demos in 3rd week of employment, and using the things I’ve learned in PRU to be successful at work!”~ Xander