Something that’s really been on my mind over the last few months is the fact that nearly 80% of the folks that come to us for coaching and training have never been trained how to handle phone calls. At all. Ever…

Which means it’s likely they’re missing out on 50% of their deals.

Here’s an interesting fact from Aaron Ross: “Too many people only send emails or social messages today. When someone who’s prospecting also picks up the phone consistently, we expect them to double(!!) the number of appointments they book.”

Many of our students have told me in private and in group settings that they are anywhere from “deathly afraid” to “uncertain” on the phone…and stammer anytime someone actually answers the phone.

Phone confidence is at an all-time low. Luckily, it’s easy to develop.

A few months ago, I was coaching a middle-aged SaaS prospector. Let’s call her Angelina. Angelina was a bit of a fireball. Red hair, sharp intellect, dry but clever sense of humor and knew her product pretty well. But she froze every time she got to a decision maker. Froze! Like………..crickets. (insert cricket sound)

As I was coaching her, I asked her: “When you freeze, what’s actually going through your mind?”

She said, “I am scared I am gonna freeze and look stupid! (LOL) and that’s exactly what happens.”

I invited her to think differently: When you live and act from the heart (actually caring about creating value between you and the customer rather than going through the motions just because your manager wants you to), it overpowers any anxiety.

The only thing that matters is that you do your part…

  • Get your mindset right (you’re here to help this customer and create value)
  • Breathe to stay calm and focused
  • Know what you want to say & practice it
  • Embrace objections as “conversation” – not “there’s a problem.”

I re-emphasized, just focus on doing your part, taking this one step, and nothing else: articulating your value (why your prospect should care) and building momentum.

Once you can do this consistently, you’ll start seeing MUCH better results. (and we want to hear about it!)

Literally four days later, she showed up to class, and she was being super quiet. So, I called on her and asked her what was up and how the week had gone. She very nonchalantly proceeded to tell us for ten minutes about how confident and poised she was feeling and at the very end she said, “Oh, and I just got a callback and booked two new meetings, boom!!”

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