Ever feel like something is holding you back.

A subtle fear or apprehension. 

Take me for example:  I know I should be doing daily videos but, deep down I am worried nobody will pay attention. 

Or, for you, you know you should be doing ___________________  but (insert excuse) (reply and fill in these two blanks and I have a gift for you 🙂

You know you “could” do so much more – but you just don’t.

or can’t.

or won’t.

You think you don’t have enough time.

I mean, who has enough time – right ?

The truth.

You have TOO much time.

Yes, you have too much time.

Too much time to think the wrong thoughts.

Too much time to feel the wrong way.

Too much time to dream the wrong dreams.

You see – too much time allows the space to overthink things.

To doubt yourself.

To destroy your winning mindset. 

To hesitate.

Ultimately – to defeat yourself. 

examples: Ever run super low on your laptop battery and miraculously knock out your entire “get shit done” list in 20 minutes? 

Come on – you feel me? 

How do I know you have too much time? 

Bc as an entrepreneur  – I have too much time.

Too much time available. 

Technology has exponentially reduced the time it requires to accomplish tasks.

Gathering information is achieved at the speed of light.

Research happens in the blink of an eye. 

Performing tasks like writing a blog post and distributing to millions of people takes minutes.

I could go on.

I won’t.

You get it.

One of the things mentioned above would have taken days or weeks or months 100 years ago.

So, yes.

You have too much DAMN time on your hands.

Today, more than ever, we blend in our personal lives with our working hours. 

We’re working – but we’re kinda not.

We’re texting – Instagramming – Snap Chatting – Reading – Sharing 

Lot’s of ing – ing.

Not enough focused “deep work”

Of course, we “feel” busy and productive. 

Sadly, many of us just aren’t.

Can you be honest with yourself ?

Honest with me?

it’s just us here – you and me.

Is it possible this describes your current state?

Would you like a fail proof way to get more of the right stuff done?

After 20 years in sales and (2 1/2 years of focused research with our students – I know the answer.


Instead of “working” 8 or 10 or 12+ hours per day. 

Limit your time. Drastically limit your time. 

and then some. (I’ll get more specific on this in part 2)

Here’s an exercise you can do to start shifting your time paradigm and changing your results and your life immediately. 

Take a moment to complete this 21 question typeform : It’ll illuminate some things about yourself you very likely aren’t conscious of – it’ll help clarify what you want from time – it’ll help make your ideal self vision crystal clear.

FREE gift for everyone who completes the form!

It’s just a typeform, it won’t bite you or even argue with you – Invest 15 minutes and I promise you’ll learn something very new and if you persist on this path with me – your life will be forever changed.

That’s a promise. 

In part 2 – I’ll go deeper into “time” and ways to manufacture and manipulate time to your advantage. 

Please share this with anyone you feel might want or need it too!

ps What do Oprah Winfrey, Brad Pitt, and Muhammed Ali all have in common ….? The greats! The greatest of the greats!? They all understood the importance of having a coach.  A coach to provide (2) main things 1. Instruction 2. Accountability.  If you’re looking to break out of your existing level and take it to your absolute best – email me:  Aron@predictableuniversity.com 

to your best year ever! 2018

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