There’s a galaxy between what sales people KNOW they should do and what they ACTUALLY do, I think Thomas nails this sentiment:

“Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do when it ought to be done, whether you feel like it or not” – Thomas Huxley

If you’re reading this now, then perhaps either you or your sales team just isn’t cutting it. I don’t know you or the challenges you have to face on a daily basis but I have some ideas on how you can shed some much needed light onto what’s NOT working, what’s working and start making some changes.  Like now.

Here are (4) major concepts you can explore with some RADICAL honesty and transparency with yourself and your team.

One: You / your sales people have too much time.  (yes, too much)

Parkinson’s law states (I am paraphrasing here) If you give someone 10 hours to catch a fish, it’ll take them 10 hours to catch that fish. Because your sales reps have an entire day to squander, they usually will.  When anxiety levels go up, it’s really easy to pop over to IG or FB, or LI and distract ourselves with something we can do instead of doing that thing we know we should do. Most people won’t even consider trying this but, believe me, it works. Offer your sales staff this option for (2) weeks. Same pay, but you can only work for (5) hours per day.  This is called “manufacturing time” when we compress time like this – it forces deep, focused work. We’re forced to get the critical work done and if we’re going to survive (aka keep our jobs and income) then we’ll avoid that LOSS by staying off IG, FB, LI or whatever distractions if they aren’t truly bringing in revenue. If those channels are working, boom, awesome! Usually not though.

Two: You/your team continues to do things that just AREN’T working.

This is reckless, expensive, and compulsive.  We naturally just do more of what we know to do instead of hitting PAUSE or STOP and being RADICALLY honest about specifically what’s working and what’s not working.  Do this with your team, it’s simple. Have everyone take a sheet of paper…. Put a line down the middle of it. On the left, write “what’s NOTworking” and on the right, “what’s TRULY working”. Once the team has completed this…. Get together and whiteboard everything.  The goal is to change or STOP doing the things that aren’t working. Define what’s not working…. Ask why… use your best judgement on how to change it or stop it and then ask yourself how you can 2X or even 10X what’s actually working. Do this ASAP.

Three: Systems…. Real systems that drive the entire sales process.

From identifying your real ideal customers to laying out multi-channel outreach campaigns to creating massive value resources for your prospects to metrics and STANDARDS and accountability to those metrics and standards for your team to scripts for what your sales people say and how they say it in EVERY sales moment. If you don’t have standards you CANNOT grow predictably. I could go on…. The right standards and systems are paramount.

Four: DELIBERATE PRACTICE. Stop just practicing sales on perfectly good prospects!?  

Deliberate practice refers to a special type of practice that is purposeful and systematic. While regular practice might include mindless repetitions, deliberate practice requires focused attention and is conducted with the specific goal of improving performance)  Think about it. Every professional athlete or actor or you know of focuses on DELIBERATE practice. You must lay out EVERY sales moment… every call opener…every qualifying question….. every rebuttal to every objection…. Every closing tactic etc.  You and your team should be practicing these things deliberately every. Single. Day. Each moment that you don’t practice is a weakness. Take inventory of all your weaknesses in your sales process, systems, standards (or lack thereof) and

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