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Pokemon Go & Outbound Prospecting: Targeting & Persistence Win

If you’ve been out and about in the last week, chances are you’ve seen the small crews of people cluttering streets, sidewalks, and parks, entranced by their cell phones. They are, of course, hunting Pokemon.

As an outbound prospector, there are a few winning techniques of these Pokemon trainers that we can bring back and use to improve our processes.

Success Tip #1: Identify your target. Whether you’re hunting a specific Pokemon or target customer, you’ll have more luck finding them if you understand them before you start. In Pokemon, this means hunting at the right time of day (if you’re hunting Fairies) or near water (if you’re hunting Water Pokemon).

As an outbound prospector, you’ll need to identify your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). The ICP should include key characteristics about your target customer, like company size, industry, technology usage – anything you can consistently identify that makes it easy for you hunt the people who need your product or service.

Success Tip #2: Get Out There. You can’t successfully capture Pokemon from your couch. Unlike most games, this one takes place in the real world – which means you have to get out and explore the city and town around you to find Pokemon and Poke Stops. The app even tracks your steps when you want to hatch a Poke Egg.

As an outbound prospector, email messages are like your comfortable couch. They’re a safe place to hide, and say that you’re doing the work. But if you really want to reach your prospects, you can’t hide behind your screen all of the time. You need to get out of your comfort zone, and pick up the phone or stop by the office to establish that personal connection. Remember, if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you will get what you have always gotten.  What’s one small thing you can do today to get outside your comfort zone? What’s something that you could do that will actually make you proud of yourself?

Success Tip #3: Use all the tools at your disposal. Pokemon Go allows you to collect more than just Pokemon and PokeBalls to capture them with. You can get Poke Eggs, Incense, healing potions, Razz Berries and more. All of these tools are there to help you level up as a Pokemon trainer. The key is to use them!

In outbound prospecting, you have dozens of tools at your disposal with which to reach your target audience. From list-building tools, like ZoomInfo or Lead411 that help you get specific target information, to LinkedIn personal profile pages, to company websites and blogs, it’s important to leverage all the tools available to get to know your prospects and target your offerings to them.

Success Tip #4: Level Up Your Experience. In Pokemon Go, both your Pokemon and you as a trainer can level up. By leveling up, you unlock new powers and special items. The best way to level up is to… you guessed, it… play the game.

As an SDR, you can level up as well. While you may not have a handy progress meter, each time you refine an email template or call script based on previous performance, you’re gaining valuable “level-up” experience. You can also improve your performance from role-playing with other SDRs within your team, attending webinars and conferences, and keeping up with industry trends. Do it!

Success Tip #5: Persistence Wins. Pokemon Go isn’t an app that you can install and win in one afternoon. Whether you’re trying to “catch them all”, or just hatch your first Poke Egg, the hook of Pokemon go is that it gets better the more that you play.

While it’s no game, outbound prospecting is better the more you do it as well. You can’t just send a single email to a small list of prospects, get no response and say “outbound prospecting doesn’t work for us.” The key is to continue refining, testing, and following-up on those emails and voicemails until you clearly know whether each prospect is one that you can catch.

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