As we learned from How to Win Friends and Influence People, we all want to feel important. As an outbound prospector, that feeling of importance can be a rare thing. Unfortunately, you’ll have more emails that don’t get responses than do – and are we a fit calls that end with a “no.”

So can a class like Predictable University really help you overcome that?

Here’s what Frank, a Predictable University alumni had to say:
“The wealth of information and energy. Part of being an SDR means being extremely organized and focused. After class, I found myself ready to kick some ass and really get after these emails, follow ups and phone calls. Hearing success stories, learning about all the tools out there available to make this happen, simply knowing there are so many people in the same boat as me, the understanding that sales can be difficult, the need for getting creative, and not giving up… all motivating to me.

this class is for anyone who has something B2B to sell I definitely would recommend it to other people. Even sales people. After explaining some of the techniques and the stats (touching people 7-12 times) they were blown away. As the book states, sales people don’t have it in them to be that patient – but even just using some of these techniques for inbound sales, event follow ups, etc. would be super beneficial to anyone.”

Plus – those skills last far beyond the 4 weeks of the course. Felicia, another Predictable University Alumni applied her lessons (and motivation) to close a deal. Her story:

“My follow up and persistency skills had to come in, for they were very fast paced and wanted things done then! Mapping each call made it SO much easier for me to figure out next steps, recap and get a bigger picture of what exactly was going on. Also, I looked a lot smarter, but constantly referring to what the prospect had said, she knew I was paying attention and that I cared. Being persistent, mind mapping and following up regularly used to be my biggest pain points.

Throughout this training, I learned it’s okay to resend an email, follow up with a call and Leave VM.

End result: >> We closed them on $60,000 Deal!!!”

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