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This thread's discussion is locked. This thread's discussion is locked. Won't install because my device is rooted. What are the concerns for rooted devices.Hi there, sadly that's not how the application is intended to be used, since rooting typically changes a lot of the device's functionality. I know someone with a OnePlus, stock CM4.4.4, and they don't get that message. I couldnt find anywhere in setting or under my account that shows any device set to Optik On The Go, could I please get some assistance with this?Are you trying to log in with your Optik username and password or your Telus account username and password? We are currently working on a resolution for a future release.

What are the concerns for rooted devices. That has worked for other OPO users trying to use some banking apps that complain about the same thing. Even Telus techs contradict themselves. Watch live and On Demand shows and movies on the go using your smartphone or tablet. ?I couldn't say for sure, but I'd say it's a possibility! Moving the TV or modem are not options, however running a LAN to the wireless STB is what I …

Besides, why would anyone would try to record a 'on the go' program to their phone's memory.Every time DRM breaks functionality, along comes a 6 year old to fix it.My device is rooted because it is the only way I can get Kit Kat on my Nexus S. But I can understand the piracy concernsIs this why Optik to go does not work on my Blackberry Android emulator? I've also had to hit Retry a few times before it accepted my login as well.I am using my telus account username/password. Register now. What I wanna do: 4k Optik PVR is currently wired LAN to the modem, as it should be. When I trigger LiveTV, I get... "Sorry, the configuration of this device has been modified or rooted and does not support the use of the Optik on the go app. • Enjoy many channels included in your subscription, including live news and sports. While I can't see TELUS changing their stance towards applications working on rooted devices, because of the way that it changes things, you can always submit this to Copyright Mafia condemns a rooted phone as piracy for those viewing their 'on the go' TV/Movie programs. Tried to install Optik on the go onto my Android. Devices not supported. Won't install because my device is rooted. I get the "device has been modified or rooted..." message. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

• Set recordings while you are out. I've found the Optik one to work more reliably. The app just doesn't work. However, playback is not supported on your mobile browser. Don’t have My TELUS? Please review support information for the new Optik TV app.

I recieved the email with the activation code.I attempted to log in for the first time with the activation code and it took me to a Page Expired error message right away. Devices running iOS11 or lower; iPhone 5SE; iPad Mini 2; Note: iPhone X, XS, XR, XS Max playback is available but will not go full screen.

Does anyone know why Telus has set it up this way?
Can we have Optik on the Go app for BB10 then?? At least the Android runtime for BB10 is updated from time to time LOL.The Dec 3 version 4.0.5 doesn't work on my OnePlus which has CyanogenMod 4.4.4 from the factory. Very disappointing.Really? head to its Tried to install Optik on the go onto my Android. Ah yes.

Note: If you have previously used one of our Optik TV apps, you can continue to use the same Optik TV …

Sad Panda.In addition to fixing this problem, I hope the sign-in screen can be reorganized to work with the Blackberry Q10.I'm going to try rooting my OPO and installing RootCloak/Cydia when I have time. • Save favourites, watch trailers and view ratings. An error appears on launch that reads: Ugh... a family member just got the Que 4.5 (Android).