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If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.Meaning and definitions of sole, translation in Samoan language for sole with similar and opposite words. (10) Land was attached to households and neither men nor women were sole legal owners of pieces of property.

sole - Meaning in Samoan, what is meaning of common in Samoan dictionary, audio pronunciation, synonyms and definitions of common in Samoan and English. Also find spoken pronunciation of sole in Samoan and in English language.What sole means in Samoan, sole meaning in Samoan, sole definition, examples and pronunciation of sole in Samoan language.

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translation and definition "sole", Samoan-English Dictionary online.
dude { noun } slang: term of address for a man . (14) He added that the City has indeed embarked upon several major projects over the last twelve months with the sole aim of uplifting the living standard of the residents. Lacking the ability to dress 2. Cookies help us deliver our services. (8) Mephisto makes shoes with a 100 percent biodegradable latex midsole, a natural rubber sole , and a footbed made of pure natural cork. So if you were to say "Sole!" (4) right-eyed flatfish; many are valued as food; most common in warm seas especially European(2) being the only one; single and isolated from others(1) Feeling sorry for the sole , Valerie scooped a small opening at the base of the mesh through which it escaped. (13) A group has been formed with the sole aim of creating a community theatre in a building beside the river, below Kingston House.

(16) It is here that an investigation by the director will occur with the sole purpose of collecting information that will lead to creating a harassment-free environment.

(2) Tap shoes have thin metal plates, usually made of aluminium, screwed onto the sole and heel, allowing dancers to create percussive effects as they move. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies., pe faapefea ona e ulufale mai i inei ua le ia te oe le ofu o le tausamaaga?So he said to him, ‘Fellow, how did you get in here not having on a marriage garment?’A o ia tatalaina le faitotoa o le taavale, sa ia luluina lo’u lima ma fai mai, “Ei, As he opened the car door, he shook my hand and said, “Hey, man, that’s cool.4 I le tali atu mo le epikopo, na tuu mai ai e le faamatalaupu se tali maoti, “Leai”—ona faaopoopo mai lea o se tala mālie: “Ae ese foi lea mamoe 4 Answering for the bishop, the narrator provides a definitive answer, “No”—and then adds a humorous comment: “But what a sheep!”O lea na fautua atu ai Iesu e faapea: “Peitai o oe, pe a valaaulia oe, ia e alu ma taoto i le nofoaga aupito faatauvaa; ina ia fai atu lē na valaaulia oe, pe a sau o ia, ‘So Jesus advises: “When you are invited, go and recline in the lowest place, that when the man that has invited you comes he will say to you, ‘Friend, go on up higher.’“Ua silafia e ia lo latou faatuatua, ona fetalai atu lea o ia ia te ia, “And when he saw their faith, he said unto him, Man, thy sins are forgiven thee” (Luke 5:19–20).A ou vaai ia Uso Romney, o nisi taimi e faapea mai, “When I would see Brother Romney, sometimes he would say, “Kid, I want to tell you something.”O isi taitai tamaiti aoga uma sa talie ma tusitusi atu o latou lima ia te ia ma faapea atu, “All the other student leaders were laughing and pointing at him and saying, “Oh, Jess, you are so funny.She looks at her son and slowly utters one single word, “Maaaax!”“YOU are such a cruel father,” scolded the KGB officer.Ona, ia iloa lea o le tulaga lea e i ai e manaomia ona ia gaoioi, ona ia fono atu lea, “E, Then, realizing that the situation required him to act, he shouted out, “Hey, you, please stop!O lona le ano atu i ai na ou fia ’e’ē atu ai lava i ai: “His inattention made me feel like shouting: “Open your eyes, man!Na te le aluese lava ma tatou ona ua tatou agasala, e tusa lava pe Na te manatu i nisi taimi, “Ae e ese foi lea mamoe He does not recoil from us because we sin, even if He on occasion must think, “But what a sheep!”Ae o se tagata sa i le pa’umatu, sa ia iloaina, le tulaga matautia o loo i luma atu o i latou, sa tauvalaau atu: “But a man on the shore, recognizing, realizing the dangers ahead of them, cried: “Hello, there, the rapids are below you.”E SEFULU tausaga le matua o Ioane ina ua taofi o ia e se tamaloa i se nofoaga e tafafao ai ma fesili atu: “, ua e talia Iesu Keriso e avea ma ou Alii ma ou Faaola?”JOHNNY was ten years old when a man stopped him at a fair and asked: “Young man, do you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?” ua faaali atu e ia ia te oe le mea lelei; se a foi se mea e finagalo ai Ieova ia te oe, pe a le o ia mea, ia fai le amiotonu, ia naunau i le alofa, ma ia feoai ma lou Atua ma le loto faamaulalo?”“He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?”Sa matou faapauu i le palapala, ma sa tauvalaau mai se tasi ia te aʻu: “We threw ourselves on the ground, and somebody cried to me: “Hey, civilian, don’t make the slightest move!
(4) The committee has been formed with the sole aim of organising the event, to which they hope to attract 5,000.