1. He wanted to illuminate the entire world – literally.

Tesla believed that his work had the potential to light the earth’s atmosphere, banishing darkness and bringing in a new era of light. He theorized that gasses in Earth’s upper atmosphere were capable of carrying high-frequency electrical currents, and successful transmission of such currents there could create a “terrestrial night light” that would make shipping lanes and airports safer and illuminate whole cities. However, like most of Tesla’s loftier aims, this goal was never realized, and its possibility remains unproven. 

How badass is this? Now, let me ask you one simple question.

What if you approached dealing with EVERY prospect with this level of customer success in mind. Can you imagine having the fu*king audacity not only to dream –  but dream BIG for your prospects? How does it look, feel, sound, when your prospect’s business reaches it’s highest levels? What role do you and your company play in getting them there!?

Reflect — and move forward from your heart for their success –  not your ego for the win or the $ bonus. The heart will prevail in the end, and the money will come as a result. We promise.

What “terrestrial night light” can you dream up for your prospects, and how can you take one step towards helping them on that voyage?

2. He had famous friends

People aren’t aware that he was close friends with conservationist John Muir, Seifer said. Muir, one of the founders of the Sierra Club, loved that Tesla’s hydroelectric power system was a clean energy system. It runs on waterfalls, which Tesla referred to as “running on the wheelwork of nature.” Also among his friends: financiers Henry Clay Frick and Thomas Fortune Ryan. “He lived in the Waldorf Astoria, at the height of the gilded age,” Seifer said, adding that his fame later in life lessened.

What “famous friends” do you have in your corner? Every great salesperson and business minded person, in general, has at least one (or more) mentors or role models who can help them work through and around obstacles as well as make intros to key decision makers at targeted accounts.

Over the weekend I was checking out some of Verne Harnish’s “The growth Guy” videos. First, he’s a fantastic speaker and kick-ass entrepreneur. Secondly, he reminded me of something I haven’t done in (15) years.  He told the audience to make a list of THE (25) people on planet Earth who have the ability to help you grow your business to the moon. Then go to work and start reaching out to them one by one. Have you done this lately? You scared? ….. If so, get over it.

If you had to pick only (3) people right now who had the ability to help you catapult your business to the moon, who would it be? Are you ready to expand your comfort zone? I hope so. Do it.

3. Tesla built a tower intending to suck electricity out of the air

He built an 185-foot tower on Long Island, planning to suck electricity out of the air and send it through the earth. Sadly for humanity: it did not work. In 1917, the tower was torn down.

As entrepreneurs, small business owners, startup teams, whatever — we MUST seek positive energy every waking moment.  What we are attempting is insanely hard! Incredibly challenging and unfortunately most give up! But not you — you have given yourself permission to WIN – am I right?

What are (3) sources that give you a jolt of positive energy? Let’s share with each other, either leave a comment or shoot me an email! Aron@PredictableUniversity.com

Here are my three:

  1. If I need a quick motivating pick me up, I’ll watch a Gary Vee or Grant Cardone vid. Love or hate these guys, they both hustle their asses off and are making big things happen.
  2. I’ll meditate for 45 mins to an hour.  This is when I simply need just to let everything and everyone go. Just sit quiet and release everything out of my mind. This has LITERALLY changed my life, that’s all I am gonna say right now.  Changed. My. Life. Here are some apps to get you started if you’ve never tried.
  3. Call up one of my mentors and work through ideas or even just have a stimulating conversation about something new, cool, insightful, and or interesting.

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