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3 Easy Tips to Improve Your Outbound Prospecting

After training sales development reps from small companies all the way to enterprise teams, we’ve identified three key ways to improve your outbound prospecting.

Tip 1: Cut your email content by 80%. Your audience is busy, so your three or four paragraph cold email takes too much effort for them to read, especially when it looks even longer on a mobile device.

Tip 2: Develop copywriting skills. If you’re not already a skilled writer, consider taking a course, like the one offered by CopyBlogger, or hire someone to help you create clear, concise, and well-written templates to get started.

Tip 3: Get over your fear of following up. You win in the follow-up. 70-80% of wins come in follow-ups, not just being smart in the beginning.

Predictable University programs your brain to overcome mental blocks, keep following-up, and to refine your process so that you can win more deals.

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