Do you feel like you’re being pulled in 1000 different directions – none of which are helping you make more money?

I do – and so do many of the 30-40 “revenue warriors” we work with every month at Predictable University. It can get crazy. While there’s nothing that I love more than working with our students and helping them find focus, sometimes I have to step back and focus on the fundamentals too.

Here are eleven ways to bring focus to your time – and make more money!

  1. Quit thinking it’s hard and realize it’s a process that requires hard work and patience

  2. Only and I mean only sell products and or services that you believe in 100% … not 97% or 98% not 99%. 100%.

  3. Stop being selfish and making it about you. The ONLY thing that matters is your customer’s success, and it’s up to you to have the ability to articulate their success (with your help)  in a way that resonates with them.

  4. Wake up every day and do the hardest things first!

  5. Work fewer hours. Seriously, work a (4) hour work day then enjoy life. If you don’t get everything done, work in a more focused and diligent way tomorrow. We covered this in detail in our last webinar!

  6. If you aren’t already, GET ORGANIZED. How many potential customers have you “forgotten” about because you didn’t set them up in a CRM or some follow-up system? How many customers (and how much $$$) are scribbled in your notes somewhere? Dig them up and get and stay organized — it IS your MONEY.

  7. Do not supplicate and or beg for business. Spend your energy on showcasing your value so damn well that people come to you!

  8. Charge what you’re worth! Know your value and charge for it. If you aren’t delivering enough value, the market will tell you. Don’t be afraid to make money. If you need to add more value, then figure that out and add it.

  9. Stay the F$%& off of social media while you are working your (4) hours a day. Get in – do your work – get out. Social will be there when you’ve hit your goals.

  10. Do some type of personal development every.

  11. I know it sounds incredibly obvious BUT —- just a reminder, DO MORE OF THE THINGS THAT MAKE YOU MONEY! 🙂 What makes you money?

BONUS: Predictable Persistence

“Do not many of us who fail to achieve big things … fail because we lack concentration — the art of concentrating the mind on the thing to be done at the proper time and to the exclusion of everything else?” –John D. Rockefeller

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