May 16th- you're invited to experience the most personalized, engaging, and results driven - revenue growth training on the market.

Enrollment open > Masters in Revenue Growth - 4WK Certification Program. Next class begins 5/16/17. The course will be on-demand. You'll be able to watch (30) min live video broadcast Tues - Fri at 10am PST- or - watch on your own time.

"If you want to become, or lead, a team of lead generation ninjas that consistently hit their numbers, this class is for you. Predictable University is the place to learn how to build a non-stop stream of leads for your company, but even more important you will learn the why. I would highly recommend this to anyone in lead generation or sales people that have to prospect on their own."

Ky OkerlundHead of Account Development Team

"When we first started Predictable Revenue, Nutrislice's sales future was fuzzy and the direction on where to go was unclear. Aaron and his team walked us through step by step instructions on how to grow our revenue where we want it to be. We can now see our sales future and know exactly how to reach our goals!”

Forrest SmithBusiness Development

Aaron Ross

Before Predictable Revenue, Aaron worked at, where he created a revolutionary Cold Calling 2.0 inside sales process and team that helped increase’s revenues by $100 million.  The same process has since also helped companies like Responsys (sold to Oracle to $1.5 billion), and Acquia (named the #1 fastest growing company in North America) dramatically speed up new sales growth.

Aaron graduated from Stanford University, is an ex-Ironman triathlete and graduate of the Boulder Outdoor Survival School. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and five children (also expecting two other kids coming the way via adoption), loves motorcycles, and he keeps his work to 25 hours a week.

Predictable Revenue Growth
4 WK Certification

This program is intended for entrepreneurs, small businesses and startup teams who will benefit from an accelerated training program focused on generating consistent new business opportunities.

The certification program is four weeks long and students should expect to spend 30-45 minutes per day on the program.  The program is designed to be on-demand.  We broadcast a (30) minute live video class Mon – Fri at 10am PST.  Students may watch live or on their own time when it’s most convenient.

Designed by Aaron Ross, author of “Predictable Revenue”,the class not only focuses on theory and best practices, but also incorporates hands-on, live exercises and role playing for real world application. Class curriculum encompasses an emphasis on prospecting (generating qualified leads), leveraging resources, and selling success. This  certification program is the fastest road to learning outbound strategies & techniques that set your business up to scale.

Please reserve your seat no later than 5/12/17 – seating is limited and served on a first, come-first served basis only.

Program begins 5/16/17. *Virtual Instructors feature Aaron Ross, Aron Placencia, Brandi Johnson and other sales industry rockstars.

Employer Benefits


When Certification is part of “pre-boarding” (begin training them before they even begin) or on-boarding, you can preload new hires for success out of the gate, for the fastest ramp times.


Are you or your salespeople playing catch up, especially when trying to get outbound sales results part-time?  Learn how to execute the most current predictable revenue systems, even if you have just a few hours a week.


Students aren’t here to just listen, read or watch, but to act. Our students will be engaged in real world application. Our curriculum is 50% lectures and 50% project based – real world pipeline building for your company.


Your employees will have access to Aaron Ross and the entire Predictable University team for support and help in order to get things personalized for you, your team and your company.


Complement your internal training programs and offload a big portion of it to free up management time.  Create more time for managers to work with their people on things like Nailing A Niche, 1-1 coaching, problem solving, or planning.


If you have multiple teams or limited time for training, it’s hard to ensure everyone gets consistent training, with consistent success of students being able to execute the material.

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Our Team




Brandi Johnson



Business Development

“If I’d have had this book at my last company, we would have scaled 4x faster. Aaron Ross & Jason Lemkin have brought to the masses what only a few extreme experts have been able to figure out. I get asked all the time from people, 'what should be the next book I read?'...this is it. Don't think twice, just get it, devour it and do it.”

Bubba Page, CEO of

Many of us have read Predictable Revenue, if you haven’t what rock have you been under? In Impossible to Inevitable Aaron and Jason get into the finer details not discussed in PR. My favorite quote from the book, “Pick up the damn phone”! So true, at Agility Recovery we increased our appointments created 400% in one month by adding call mapping to our outbound email campaigns. As a result, our appointments set to closed won ratio tripled!! Higher quantity with higher quality, as a sales leader that’s what you want to see. Don’t be a dick, read the book!

Ryan Donohue,

“I came to this book wanting to see how these people grew 10x, and I did, but what was truly amazing was how much of that could be applied and adapted by even the smallest businesses, like my own. No 30,000 foot view here; this book is straightforward, very hands-on, very in the trenches, and because of that, very exciting.”

Larry Hicock, CEO Spark Marketing

“We used the “Nail A Niche” ideas to grow to our first $2 million on inbound leads alone, by hyper-focusing on a specific problem: re-using social existing media content.”

Laura Roeder, Founder

Week 1

Get started

Nailing your niche
IDC – getting specific
List building
a. do it yourself
b. outsourcing
Student success & Q&A

Week 2

Get meetings

Initial outreach
Email – referral vs direct
Phone – Mapping + AWAF
Social selling
Student success & Q&A



Account stages
AE best practices/ qual criteria
Conversation starters



Putting a playbook into action
CRM best practices
Goals, funnels, dashboards
Account-based sales dev
Content customization

"Train the trainer" Most Popular

$ 9,993

One time
  • Please contact us before signing up > (866) – 450 – 5327
  • This is a specialized course for a CEO/ Director of Sales/ SDR Manger who will take this course and then have the ability and resources to train others on his team. 


Predictable Revenue Certification +Let's do this!

$ 2,617

Per Month 

  • Fully immersive 4-wk program
  • LIVE (30) min video broadcast at 10am PST Tues – Fri
  • LIVE Q&A  (daily)
  • Coaching from Aaron Ross and PU team
  • Access to exclusive Slack group


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